Your partner for successful projects
Opsun's team have been developing solar solutions since 2004, acquiring a unique perspective on optimal solar array design. Through the years, Opsun developed a novel approach to PV racking: instead of selling a limited product at 5 or 10 degrees, Opsun developed a proprietary platform which allows to quickly design, optimize and manufacture virtually any racking structure.

This flexible approach allows Opsun to find the best structure for any project, whether on roof, on a wall, or on the ground. No matter if ballasted, anchored, limited in roof capacity or on any roof type, our team of expert will find a way to design the ideal PV structure to generate maximum energy for the best return on investment.
Our optimization process can help increase energy yield by 20%;
Our Total Service support can help you save up to 15 cents per watt in project costs.

Our unique approach allows you to obtain quickly, the best design, adapted to your needs, for just the right price:
  • We manage all aspects of design, engineering, plans, and permit drawings;
  • We support installer during installation, and we modify our design when difficulties are encountered;
  • All our design are fully engineered, wind-tunnel tested and verified with the best 3D engineering software;
  • We make sure the proposed design and PV structure will generate as much energy as possible (by adapting tilt angle and shading);
  • We analyse the cash flow and return on investment of all projects, assuring the racking design increases the client's profits;
  • We provide industry leading plans with highest quality and level of details, which avoids difficulties during installation and accelerates installation time.