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20 years warranty Made in North-America


SunPark Superstructure (3S) is a water-Managed (possible to seal, in option) configurable large span carport mounting system for monofacial and bifacial systems.


Key specifications


Aluminum rails and components, stainless steel bolts & nuts. Vertical structure typically in galvanized Steel H-Beams.

Max Snow Load

Can be designed for any snow loads (up to over 100 PSF)

Max Wind Load

Can be designed for any wind loads (up to 180MPH)

Tilt Angle

5 to 10 typical (any tilt virtually possible)

PV Panel Orientation

Landscape on rails (portrait possible, but won't be sealed)

PV Module

Any framed PV, any frameless PV, monofacial or bifacial, optimized for bifacial


Optional water-management with rubber gaskets (frameless panels) and gutters. Caulking recommended with framed panels for perfect seal.


Shape and dimension 100% custom based on available parking spaces.

Foundation Types

Any (concrete footings typical, can be designed with helical or driven piles of any shape)

PV Panel Height from Ground

Customizable, typically 12-14.5 feet (3.6-4.4m). Over 14.5FT (4.4m) possible.


Typical Bifacial Gains Observed

5-10% (N-Type, on black asphalt. Must be optimized per project, not a guarantee.)

No On-Site Welding

All Opsun Carports are assembled with bolts and nuts. No welding and no cuts will be necessary on site.


All wires hidden, all junction boxes hidden. Zero obstruction on the back of the cells (if junction box position allows). Optimized for bifacial. Superb look with frameless, low-profile panels. Will look neat from underneath.

Flexible Design

The Superstructure carport is a custom-shaped, continuous carport structure creating a roof-like PV system canopy over parking spaces. Array can be water-managed in option, and caulking can be easily applied for sealing. This PV structure approach allows for maximum density of panels, and features an elegant, avant-garde look. Arrays can be adapted to any shape, and any dimensions, matching the available parcking surface area.


Our experts will support your project, offer expert advices on how to get maximum performance from bifacial PVs, help optimize layout, tilt angle and panels orientation, and elevation from the ground. We can help design foundations on any soil type (soil study required, by others).


Ideal look with bifacial Panels

Panels encastrated in the aluminum rails, all wires hidden, all junction boxes hidden. Opsun's Bifacial Carports take advantage of bifacial panels' transparency to increase aesthetics from underneath.


Rail-based design with 6000 series aluminum and 306 stainless steel bolts and nuts guarantee maximum durability of the structure for decades. Typical base structure is made of solid galvanized steel (ASTM A123) H-Beams, for maximum strength.


Strong rails supporting PVs on their full length help prevent torsion and movement that leads to accelerated degradation of PV panels.

UL 2703

Grounding system conforming to UL 2703, certification in process.


Our engineers use only the safest methods of calculation, to assure maximum solidity and durability of the structures. We have proprietary, recent wind tunnel tests with Western University, and we design using the latest Building Codes (ASCE-7-16, NBCC 2016, IBC 2018), as well as SEAOC PV2. Minimal deflection allowed on rails, and finite element analysis done with high-end 3D engineering software. Each component and vertical structure calculated individually. We find solutions to each unique challenge, and we react quickly if unforeseen events happen during construction (such as terrain obstructions and last minute changes).


Custom, project-specific building permit plans, stamped by a local P. Eng., are provided for each job, describing step-by-step where each component goes, on the exact project site, with markups, details and explanations custom to each project's specific difficulties.

Documents & Specifications

OPSUN Total Engineeringtm Support

Opsun specilizes in solar PV racking engineering for any type of solar project, discover below our unique process to assure the best quality racking and engineering is supplied for all your solar PV, and bifacial PV projects.

Flexible Design

Opsun's racking is not a single product : it is instead a large library of rails, components and configurations that we can adapt to match any client's requirements.

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Full engineering Support

Opsun experts takes care of all the mechanical aspects of your solar PV project and we deliver detailed, project-specific set of engineering plans to help accelerate installation time.

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Technical Solutions

Opsun is your solution finder to a wide array of challenges, such as limited roof capacity, directly attached or hybrid (both ballasted & anchored) systems.

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Installation Support

Opsun On-Site Support allows your installation team to benefit from the instructions and supervision of an expert from Opsun's team, with 15 years of experience.

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