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Project engineer

Quebec, QC, Canada
Reporting to
VP Operations
Full time, 40h/week
August 15th, 2020

Company background

Opsun is a manufacturer of racking structures to support PV panels. We operate in all of North-America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean). Our Québec office houses a design and engineering team equipped with the latest software required to create Opsun's aluminum racking structure. Our Cornwall warehouse ensure the distribution of custom hardware specifically designed to create robust and high-quality structure to support solar panels on roofs, walls and on the ground.

Opsun can count on a young and dynamic team to serve its growing market. The present job opportunity offers an amazing chance to be part of renewable energies and engineering high-technologies, and help us make a difference in climate change.

Job summary

Opsun is looking for engineers to integrate a multidisciplinary team comprised of engineers of different backgrounds and technicians. The Project Engineer is responsible of the PV panel structure design, while respecting applicable Building Codes and other regulations.

Candidate profile

Bachelor's degree or better in applied sciences, Civil or mechanical Engineering preferred.

The following abilities will be required:

  • Knowledge in mechanical structures, and Building Codes (Canada, Ontario, Québec, US, International).
  • Knowledge in engineering calculations of forces, moments, rails and beams and mechanical resistance.
  • Advance knowledge in mechanical structure conception.
  • Advanced knowledge of :Solidworks; Microsoft Office (Excel)
  • Basic knowledge in Excel advanced functions (“programming”)
  • Basic notions of Autocad
  • Perfect understanding (written and verbal) of French and English.


The following elements will be seen as an advantage:

  • 3 years of technical and/or industrial drawings (with Solidworks, or equivalent)
  • Knowledge in any programming language (namely C++ and Excel advanced functions).
  • Knowledge in production processes (namely extrusion, cutting, folding).


More precisely, a Project Engineer has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Take a leadership role in managing solar racking projects, managing all aspects of the engineering of the solar structures.
  • Create, engineer, and optimize PV racking structure in SolidWorks;
  • Master a series of internal calculation tools helping with the engineering process of racking structures;
  • Proceed to all Building Code Calculations (automated, computer calculations, but requires human guidance).
  • Proceed with Solar Energy Simulations (PVSyst)
  • Support the sales team in preparing quotations, by providing preliminary engineering guidance and preliminary drawings;
  • Technical support with clients during the development of solar projects (react to changes during construction, imagine solutions to problems, in collaboration with other project engineers)
  • Design, engineering, drawings, and shop drawings of components for production.
  • Participate (with technicians) in the creation of plans explaining clearly, step by step, the construction and installation of a solar project.
  • Participate in continuous improvement processes to improve drawings and quotations production.
  • Understand complex client's requirements, imagine solutions, present and discuss solutions to clients.
  • Discuss with third party contract manufacturers (in English) about feasibility of parts.
  • Contact third part contract manufacturers to find and source special material for unique projects.
  • Proceed to finite element analysis (FEA) and prepare engineering report.
  • Execute R&D processes to improve existing components, better understand the impact of snow and wind on solar arrays and imagine new solutions (product) as necessary.
  • Analyse and understand complex structures (buildings).
  • Create and document project development tools (Excel calculators and basic programming will be useful)
  • Read and understand architectural and structural plans.


Competitive, Full-Time Salary, with possibility of fast professional Advancement