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Warehouse Worker

3318 Second Street East Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, K6H 6J8
Reporting to
Warehouse Manager
Full time, 40h/week
September 12 2022

Company background

Opsun is a manufacturer of racking structures for solar PV panels. We operate in all of North-America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean). Our Cornwall warehouse ensures the distribution of custom hardware specifically designed to create robust and high-quality structures that support solar panels on roofs, walls and on the ground.

Job summary

Our warehouse employees are the heart of the operations and logistics process. They work in collaboration with the Director of Operation and Warehouse Manager to receive, store, package, assemble, and move all Opsun products, occasionnaly with a forklift.

The warehouse worker is also responsible to fulfill customer orders, package it for delivery using boxes, skids, lumber, etc. and ensure the loading of the trucks (flatbed and van).

The warehouse worker will use an automatic bandsaw to cut rails, and other hardware to drill the aluminum components, as well as helping with pre-assembly of simple structures using a handheld tools and drills.

Candidate profile

All relevant employment experience will be welcomed!

  • Past positive experience in warehouse operation or management is a plus;
  • Any experience in counting and packaging boxes of material is a plus;
  • Capacity to manage change and operate under pressure;
  • Leadership and autonomy will be seen as assets.


Opsun will be looking for people with the following traits:

  • To be a meticulous, rigorous and organized person;
  • To have excellent organization and time management ability in a fast-paced environment;
  • Capacity to follow procedure to organize merchandize and stock;
  • Capacity to manage several projects and operations in parallel;
  • English is the primary language, understanding French is a plus;
  • Teamwork and positive attitude are mandatory!



Our warehouse employees will be required to execute for following tasks:

  • To count small parts and bag them;
  • To receive and store boxes;
  • To assemble components using a hand drill;
  • To package 25ft rails in bundles, and move them around using a forklift;
  • To lift up to 50 lbs (23kg);
  • To be available for day shifts on week days and sometimes weekends (as needed);
  • To help warehouse manager to monitor stocks in inventory;
  • To operate a multidirectional forklift (optional);
  • To operate an automatic bandsaw (optional);
  • Interest and motivation to perform a quality job.