j'aime parfois Opsun works together with clients to determine the optimal layout and configuration of solar systems as required.
  • Accurate technical drawings and 3D renderings of building with solar array.
  • Project-specific technical drawings with precise measurements to facilitate installations, reduce on-site costs, avoid unexpected issues and limit risk as much as possible.
Most of Opsun’s technological innovations are customer demand-driven. Opsun’s well-developed solutions to structural challenges increase the range of feasible projects.
  • Tilt panels on a sloped roof.
  • Install panels on a low-pitched East-West roof.
  • Minimize ballasting to avoid using anchors.
  • Opsun aims to have unique and precisely shaped extruded roof fixtures for every sheet metal profile in the North-East.
Control of manufacturing and logistics grants Opsun flexibility and creates value for partners and clients.
  • Pre-assembly of components for faster on-site installations.
  • Just-in-time on-site delivery of all components according to client requirements.
  • Transportation and warehousing solutions.
Opsun’s engineering staff is expert on everything related to solar equipment and the installation of a solar array.
  • Training of installation teams and maintenance staff.
  • Coaching of early installations to ensure flawless execution.
  • Expert, personalized phone support for technical assistance during installations to help resolve issues when they arise.