5 novembre 2013
5 novembre 2013,


Opsun Systems présente le WEEB-OSF

After hearing from the community that we needed to expand our grounding solutions, OPSUN decided to create, in collaboration with Burndy, its very own, unique, WEEB for its mounting systems. Almost every Opsun products are now compatible with the Burndy/Wiley WEEB grounding solution.

Features :

  • Conform à la norme UL 467;
  • Lie électriquement les panneaux photovoltaique au système de montage en utilisant la structure aluminium comme conducteur;
  • Specialized teeth on washer embeds into anodized aluminum to establish gas-tight electrical connection ;
  • The news design is compatible with most framed PV panel on the market;
  • 304 Stainless Steel washer ;
  • Reconnue à  UL 2703

The Opsun WEEB brings many benefits to a mounting system, such as :

  • Greatly reduces the amount of labour and material, such as copper, required by installation.
  • Diminishes the risk of copper theft;
  • Seamless grounding guaranteed;
  • Engineered for outdoor use over long periods of time;
  • Installation is always easy and succeeds every time; and
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion.
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