Our team of experts support your, from the first to the last day, to help you build the best PV racking structure.
  • We manage all aspects of racking design and engineering;
  • We run energy simulations and optimize the system in order to generate maximum energy;
  • We run financial projections to find the best return on investment for your project;
  • We manufacture the right PV racking structure, according to your budget to generate maximum energy and return in investment;
  • We are partners to help you succeed.
Opsun Total Support help reduce soft costs, as our team manages many costly aspects of the project design. We can help save up to 15 cents/W:
  • Up to 0.02-0.05 $/W in “extras” (8-20% of DC installation costs) can be charged when workers are blocked and additional design & engineering is required. Opsun will help prevent this;
  • 0.05 $/W from faster installation (preassembly capability, detailed plans, larger arrays);
  • 0.05 $/W from savings in design costs (structure study, design optimization, racking engineering, dead loads, wind & snow loads);
  • 0.05 $/W for construction management, (permit, DC-side management, installation support);
  • Additional savings for O&M (solid structures will not degrade over time, easy roof access).
We provide custom drawings and installation plans for each project:
  • Pre-assembly of components is detailed for faster on-site installations;
  • All rails positioning is clearly marked on plans, making installation easier and faster;
  • Our team adapts plans when problems are encountered when the installation ins ongoing.