4 September 2014
4 September 2014,

Acting as the Engineering and Manufacturing (E&M) branch of an ambitious FIT project located on the Gracious Living premises in the Woodbridge, Toronto area, Opsun designed, manufactured and delivered a high-quality aluminum structure supporting over 2500 solar panels.

The structure being fully structural, requires minimal ballasting, bears a low load on the roof and was designed and tested to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions possible for this location over the next 50 years.

Benefiting from Opsun racking systems’s preassembly ability, almost 80% of the gigantic structure was assembled in a factory, saving both time and money. RDCS Solar acted as the labour force for this project, completing the racking installation in less than three weeks and the whole installation within a month.

Opsun created very complete, intuitive custom installation plans for the racking structure to avoid every obstacle on the roof of this project. No difficulties were encountered while assembling the mounting system, as everything and been thought through and fitted perfectly in its place.

“Opsun took in charge the design and engineering for the racking for this project and provided a flawless solution, as developers, we did not have to face any problem with the racking during the design or the installation phase, which allowed us to work on other aspects of the project. Opsun really was an addition to this project” said Sandro Costa, from Avacos Clean Energy.

Opsun is proud to offer the most complete engineering and manufacturing solution on market, offering incredible value and peace of mind concerning racking systems to its customers.

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