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Unlock the True Power of Solar


Opsun's mission is to deliver a racking that enables bifacial electricity production, and that is engineered using only the best-in-class egnineering process. Our job is to make bifacial racking design, engineering and delivery as seamless as possible for our partners, while managing all the project's mechanical engineering complexities. 


The future is bifacial. Leveraging 15 years of experience and extensive research on bifacial solar panels performance and optmization, Opsun imagines, engineers, and manufactures smart, optimized solar panels structures that don't cost more, but enables bifacial panels to show their true maximum potential. Our goal is to bring our knowledge to your team, enabling you to produce more electricity with bifacial panels, for flat and tilted roofs (ballasted or anchored), ground-mounts and carports. 


Established in 2005 and based in Canada, Opsun is a design, enginering and manufacturing firm specializing in bifacial PV racking structures. Opsun's unique software-based process allows to quickly design and manufacture aluminum-based solar PV racking solutions taylormade for any project's requirements, design or engineering challenges. Opsun advanced expertise with bifacial solar PV projects and with custom-engineering projects (i.e. low load capacity on roof, elevated canopies on steel structures, or architectural PV-integrated structures) makes Opsun a strategic partner for the development of solar projects. Our goal is that you make more revenue with bifacial panels, without paying more for the quality and performance of a rail-based system.

Unlock the true Power of Bifacial

Opsun helps unlock the true power of bifacial Solar Panels. Manufacturers state that bifacial solar panels can reach up to 20% extra bifacial energy, but they don't explain how to achieve this yield. Opsun has the solution : our bifacial-optimized racking, at high tilt and elevation from the roof, on a white roof, can reach this 20-25% bifacial gains panels manufacturers boast about. We can also achieve 10% extra yield without losing a single solar panel on a roof. It is only possible to obtain such high yields with a racking that doesn't have a wind deflector or that has panels in landscape (when panels are in portrait, with rails running behind the cells, shadows are cast on the back of the panels and bifacial gains are lost).

Generate more electricity with bifacial panels We engineer our structures using the most stringent criteria
Unlock the True Power of Solar

OPSUNTM Total Engineering Support

Opsun specilizes in solar PV racking engineering for any type of solar project, discover below our unique process to assure the best quality racking and engineering is supplied for all your solar PV, and bifacial PV projects.

Flexible Design

Opsun's racking is not a single product : it is instead a large library of rails, components and configurations that we can adapt to match any client's requirements.

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Full engineering Support

Opsun experts takes care of all the mechanical aspects of your solar PV project and we deliver detailed, project-specific set of engineering plans to help accelerate installation time.

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Technical Solutions

Opsun is your solution finder to a wide array of challenges, such as limited roof capacity, directly attached or hybrid (both ballasted & anchored) systems.

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Installation Support

Opsun On-Site Support allows your installation team to benefit from the instructions and supervision of an expert from Opsun's team, with 15 years of experience.

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