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Advanced Engineering


Opsun's Total Engineering approach guarantees that your permit application will be approved. Opsun uses only the highest, and most up-to-date engineering standards, assuring our plans never get rejected by cities.


Opsun utilizes Western University's state-of-the-art Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory for all its testing. Our Wind Tunnel tests are recent (2020), include high-rise simulations, are peer-reviewed (CPP Wind Consulting, 2020), and have been revised and approved by the most demanding industry experts. You can rely on Opsun's engineering to get throught the most thorough reviewing process.

The Unique MESH™ Technology aproach

Opsun's unique and novel Multi-Element Structural Hub (MESH™) engineering approach is a series of computer-assisted engineering, simulation and calculation operations, integrated in a proprietary hub. MESH™ engineering allows each Opsun assembly, of numerous shapes and configurations, to be tested by high-volume, detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations. This gives Opsun's engineers a precise sense of how each part of the racking system will react, as a whole, under the project's max wind and snow forces. Our process is more than a just a pull-out or load test: it gives us a thorough understanding of the reaction of the whole structure under stress, under hundreds of very specific load cases. This is what gives Opsun's Structures unequalled solidity. Opsun guarantees its products for 25 years, but design them with 50 to 100 yrs in mind!

Generate More Electricity with Bifacial Solar panels We engineer our structures using the most stringent criteria
Unlock the True Power of Solar

OPSUNTM Total Engineering Support

Opsun specilizes in solar PV racking engineering for any type of solar project, discover below our unique process to assure the best quality racking and engineering is supplied for all your solar PV, and bifacial PV projects.

Flexible Design

Opsun's racking is not a single product : it is instead a large library of rails, components and configurations that we can adapt to match any client's requirements.

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Full engineering Support

Opsun experts takes care of all the mechanical aspects of your solar PV project and we deliver detailed, project-specific set of engineering plans to help accelerate installation time.

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Technical Solutions

Opsun is your solution finder to a wide array of challenges, such as limited roof capacity, directly attached or hybrid (both ballasted & anchored) systems.

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Installation Support

Opsun On-Site Support allows your installation team to benefit from the instructions and supervision of an expert from Opsun's team, with 15 years of experience.

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