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Opsun launches an innovative modular solar carport

Combining aesthetics and high energy yield, Opsun's SunPark Light TM modular carport covers 2, 4, 6 or more parking spaces while offering water management options

SunPark Light

Architectural Design

Peace of mind installation using simple helical piles

Perfect match for EV charging stations

The most widely adopted bifacial solar PV racking system

Discover how Opsun achieves the highest bifacial gains

Learn more on bifacial solar PV optimization

High Tilt

High Clearance 

Zero obstruction on the backside

Generate more energy

Achieve a Better ROI

More than a Racking System

We support our clients with a complete array of services, from design to commissioning, providing know-how and expert solutions to practical problems.

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On-Site support by a Field expert

Preassembly for easier and faster installation cycles

Advanced Engineering & Design

Simulations on the best FEA software

2019 Wind Tunnel Studies

Opsun enables bifacial solar technology on flat roofs

Take advantage of potential bifacial gains, as stated by solar panels manufacturers

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15 years of experience to help optimize your solar projects

The only racking truly optimized for bifacial PVs

We are your partners and experts, a team member on your solar project

Protect your solar investment

Avoid critical failures. Opsun's advanced engineering approach and rugged structural racking is the most solid solution on the PV market.

Discover our rugged Solutions

All aluminum, solid racking system

that will outlive the solar panels


20-30% faster installation time

Deliver your Project Faster


Safer for any roofing membrane

Rail-Based, Solid Racking

Open Back, Easier Roof Maintenance

New Product!

The Opsunizer Tool allows to quickly compare monofacial and bifacial rooftops. It is the first tool in the industry capable of giving realistic estimates of bifacial solar panels gains.

Try the Opsunizer Now

Create simply and quickly a

bifacial rooftop solar project

Estimate bifacial energy gains

See the effect of tilt and albedo

Compare with monofacial solar panels

and find the best return on investment

SunRail SR3 bifacial solar panels racking cheaper stronger faster to install main

Opsun Unveils a New Generation of Solar Racking

Discover the Sunrail SR3, a 3rd generation of solar racking from Opsun : cheaper, stronger & faster to install

Sunrail SR3

Powered by the Opsun MESH™ Technology, next-generation simulation engineering

Optimized aluminum skeleton with increased robustness, at a lower cost

UL 2703, wind tunnel tested, peer-reviewed

What we do differently

Leader in Bifacial Solar Panels

We provide the best fixed solar PV structures that unlocks the yield promised by bifacial solar panels. Our experts help you choose the best structure to increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

Personalized advanced engineering

We make solar PV racks tailored for your projects. We have solutions for high rises, hurricane regions, heavy snow, seismic, or limited roof loading capacity.

We are your partners

We approach all our clients like business partner. We help accelerate project delivery. We find solution to unforeseen events during installation.

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What they say

Opsun was dedicated to helping Simons understand the added value in bifacial solar PV systems. After three years of operation, we are pleased to see that the back side of the bifacial panels are outperforming modelling projections. The bifacial solar system, used on canopies in the parking lot, also offers customers an optimal view of our sustainability initiatives. Opsun's guidance, design and engineering was key in the success of the project.

Angela Stinson
Director of Store Development, Simons, Canada.

Opsun provided us with tailored bifacial solar ground-mount solutions, optimized and adapted to extreme wind conditions. We found that the racking installed faster than our prior solution and the support given by Opsun helped us quickly solve every issue during the project, namely the solar racking was flexible enough to adapt to a change in the foundation design

Roby Douglas
VP - Operations, Natural Forces, Nova-Scotia, Canada.

After building 3 MW with Opsun solar racking, my Team does not want to use any other system. With the ease of installation and the reduced labor cost analysis, Juuce Energy has moved forward with all new project procurement with Opsun solar Racking. The open concept racking has made it a no-brainer with consideration of Operation & Maintenance contracts

Jude Pantiliano
Owner, Juuce Energy, New-York, USA.

Opsun engineered several custom solar PV rooftop structures for us on a complex, architectural project. Opsun created unique tailored solar solutions that enabled us to successfully deliver the King Open School project. Their engineering support is exceptional, and in conjunction with their highly customizable products, they are an ideal partner for challenging projects, especially one using bifacials

Stuart Fox
Engineering and Technical Sales, CED Greentech Engineering, USA

Opsun supported us with solar racking design, engineering and manufacturing for a large anchored flat commercial solar bifacial rooftop project for a Major US bank in Columbus, Ohio. Opsun delivered an optimized solar racking for bifacial PVs that performed above our expectations, and answered all our stringent engineering requirements.

Pat Hastings
Director Project Management, Dynamic Energies USA.

OPSUN Total Engineeringtm Support

Opsun specilizes in solar PV racking engineering for any type of solar project, discover below our unique process to assure the best quality racking and engineering is supplied for all your solar PV, and bifacial PV projects.

Flexible Design

Opsun's racking is not a single product : it is instead a large library of rails, components and configurations that we can adapt to match any client's requirements.

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Full engineering Support

Opsun experts takes care of all the mechanical aspects of your solar PV project and we deliver detailed, project-specific set of engineering plans to help accelerate installation time.

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Technical Solutions

Opsun is your solution finder to a wide array of challenges, such as limited roof capacity, directly attached or hybrid (both ballasted & anchored) systems.

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Installation Support

Opsun On-Site Support allows your installation team to benefit from the instructions and supervision of an expert from Opsun's team, with 15 years of experience.

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