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Completed Spring 2022
Flat Roof Solutions
Tilt angle
Illinois, USA
Bifacial Flat Roof
Project size

Light weight ballasted solar system

Opsun ballasted solar racking is made of extremely rigid aluminum rails running North-South on the roof, and East-West connecting all the PVs together. This rigidity helps maintaining the flat roof solar racking in place with a minimal quantity of ballast blocks. All in all, the light weight of the solar mounting system coupled with the low requirement for ballast blocks makes Opsun's solar racking the lightest ballasted solar system.

Less (PVs) is more (energy)

With an optimized 20D tilt system, installing less PVs on the roof allows for more energy to be generated as each PV will generate an extra 12% to 16% more electricity from the backside of the PV (bifacial gain). An increased energy production is also enabled during the winter period as the system is elevate 24IN from the roof allowing for the PVs to pop out of the snow pile while the 20D tilt allows the PVs to shed snow allowing for much more PV front side availability.

Full flexibility on the solar racking configuration

Opsun's rail base flat roof solar racking system offers the highest flexibility on the rail configuration, for both ballasted solar mount as well as anchored solar mount. The position of the base rails running Norht-South on the flat roof can either be optimized to minimize the cost of the system or positioned at specific distances to overcome building challenges and restrictions such as roof obstacles, limited deck load bearing capacity, joists East-West orientation, etc.. As an example, Opsun solar racking base rail distance can then be adjusted to match the joists pattern allowing to distribute the solar racking system weight uniformely directly over the joists.