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17 October 2023

Opsun, Always one step ahead

Opsun |  Always one step ahead

Unfortunately, the past years have proven that under-designed roof top solar arrays lead to undesired, costly and life-threatening incidents. Could the traditional physical load testing, widely used in the solar industry, be too simplistic to really replicate real life PV array behaviors, when a photovoltaic system is under important wind and snow stresses?

Today, our Development Director, Pierre Lacerte, is presenting at the NAFEMS conference in Milwaukee about how Opsun's pioneer approach to load testing through advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows for much more detailed information, capturing the general structural response and all interactions between PV modules of the whole rooftop PV structure, under very complex wind and snow loads.

A better understanding of these behaviors allowed Opsun to perform flawless solar installations since it's very first project installed more than 13 years ago.


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