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2 February 2021

Aptos : Rail-Based Racking is the future of Bifacial Solar Panels

Aptos Solar Technologies, a high-end manufacturer of bifacial solar panels, based in USA, wrote in this article that only rail-based bifacial solar panels racking enabled solar panels to achieve their full potential on flat roofs.

The article could have gone even further: with rail-based solar panels racking system, like the Opsun System, solar panels suffer less stress from wind and snow loads, because the aluminum rails supporting the panels protect the panels against deflection better than corner-mounted or edge-mounted clamps (where the snow and wind loads are applied on the cells and the panels themselves bend). With solar panels certifications becoming more stringent nowadays, in regards to max snow and wind loads that can be applied on them, a rail-based solar panels racking system offers a huge advantage in high-wind and high-snow regions, or on tall (high-rise) buildings.

Discover the Aptos article below: