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4 March 2021

Solar Installs faster with Opsun's Cranable Bundles

Opsun deliver it's projects in easy-to-crane bundles. 25ft rails come preassembled with all components already mounted on them. Bundles are light and do not cause dead load problems when craned onto rooftops. Once opened, installers just have to place the bundled 25ft rails where they belong on the roof, following Opsun's detailed plans. Cut on costs, install 25% faster than standard disconnected modular racking. Photo Credit: Preman Roofing

This is how the bundles are shipped to site (on flatbed):

And this is what it looks like once the bundles are opened and placed on the roof (rails are spaced 8-10ft):

Contact our team today to learn how Opsun can help with your project's logistic.