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7 January 2021

Opsun's Bifacial Technology Featured in Solar Power World

Bifacial solar PV panels, coupled with appropriate bifacial racking, has been demonstrated to increase return on investment of solar projects for a couple of years now, but the market has been slow to adopt the technology, mainly due to legal uncertainties regarding custom duties. In January 2021, Solar Power World featured an article describing how bifacial PV panels now bring increased revenue to solar power plant owners, and recognized how the approach followed by Opsun is the appropriate way of doing bifacial solar racking : high tilt, high elevation, no wind deflector.

In the article, we explain that with bifacial solar panels being almost the same price as standard monofacial solar panels, it is very easy to increase revenue significantly with bifacial PV solar panels. But the proper racking should be used! Were it not for the ongoing uncertainty on the import duty status of bifacial PVs, they would have flooded the rooftop market, especially where white roofs are common (the bifacial solar panels were exempt from duties, then taxed again, then exempt, then taxed again... November 2020's election may bring a favorable end to this uncertainty).

Opsun underlines that the article mentions a 4-5% bifacial gain, but an Opsun racking was not used. The panels are in the portrait orientation, and there are rails under the back of the solar panels casting shadows. We would see at least a 8-10% increase if solar panels were in the landscape orientation, and unobstructed. It would have been possible to achieve double what is seen in the article, by placing the panels in the landscape orientation. Bifacial solar panels must be installed in landscape, without any obstructiuon under thems, such as rails running behind cells, and no wind deflector.

The industry is moving toward bifacial solar panels, learn how to benefit from them by contacting our team of bifacial PV experts.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

"The flat-rooftop solar business has largely been transitioning to modular racking — using resin trays that are easy to position. Bifacial systems do require reverting back to the basics with rail-based mounting systems, in which Opsun specializes."


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