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Erdman Community Solar

Completed August, 2019
Telluride Community Solar
Ground Mount
Tilt angle
Telluride, Colorado
Project size
353 kW
Opsun partnered with the Telluride Community Solar Project in order to develop a scenic system in Telluride, Colorado, in the harsh environments of this Colorado mountain range. Opsun had to custom engineer a fully bifacial-optimized system, on helical piles, that could withstand huge wind and snow loads.
Opsun's SunGround system can be deployed in any region, as our engineering team will adapt the racking configuration and rail size in order to match any wind or snow loads, from hurricane winds in the Caribbean to the largest snowfalls in the polar regions of North-America.
Taking advantage of bifacial PVs, our SunGround Bifacial product allows to melt snow quicker on the front side than standard monofacial panels, as light bouncing off snow and reaching the backside of the modules heat them-up, leading to a faster snow shedding.
Bifacial PV panels have no obstruction behind the cells with the SunGround Bifacial ground-mount, leading to a maximum of bifacial gains. We typically see about 15% bifacial gains (backside boost) on ground-mounts over grassy fields, leading to a significantly improved project profitability. We do not recommend bifacial panels to be placed portrait on the rails, as it would cause shading that can lead to hot spots that would affect their performance and durability. Instead, our landscape configuration offers a simple and elegant way to install bifacial panels without any obstruction on the backside.