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Frost Valley YMCA Bifacial Ground Mount

Completed May, 2019
Solar Liberty
Ground Mount
Tilt angle
Claryville, NY
Project size
238 kW
Opsun worked in collaboration with Prism Solar to develop this unique, elegant bifacial ground-mount system. All rails are away from the backside of the PV panels, reducing as much as possible any shading, and increasing bifacial gains. Full-aluminum design made the project easy and fast to install, and gave it a pleasing aesthetical appearance.
Driven H-Beams were used to reach a maximum of solidity for the foundations, while maintaining ease of installation and low costs. With a soil study, Opsun can design and engineer foudnations for any proejct location, on any foundation type. We have designed concrete footings in the past, and used helical piles as well. Ballasted concrete blocks ground-mount solutions available in some regions.
Opsun's SunGround Bifacial is easy to adjust on uneven terrain. Continous rail channels on all faces of the aluminum extrusions allow to connect all angles and clamps anywhere along the length of the rails, for easy installation, and adjustment. Tolerances can be up to 2" in all direction, relaxing the precision requirement for foundation location.
The SunGround Bifacial system can be designed with one, two, three or four rows of landscape panels. For this project, we chose 2 panels high, as it produces a more homogenously distributed light on the backside. Two rows will thus produce a more homogenous illumination on the backside than 4 rows.