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King Open Bifacial Rooftop

Completed April, 2019
CED Greentech (Civic Solar)
Flat Roof Solutions (Bifacial)
Tilt angle
Cambridge, MA
SunRail Bifacial
Project size
1,300 kW
Opsun collaborated with Civic Solar (now CED Greentech) to cover this Cambridge school with solar panels on several different roof and wall systems. Starting from complex architectural plans from William Rawn Associates, Opsun had to study numerous roof and wall types in order to develop over 10 different custom racking configurations, to match the requirements of the project that required several small arrays in difficult to reach locations. The project was completed flawlessly, delivering an overall visual apearance that matched the highest standard requested by the City of Cambridge, and the architects.
Custom East-West ("A-Shape") arrays were placed on top of H-Beams over the mechanical wells. The panels thus cause zero obstruction to the building's mechanical equipment on the roof, for easy mainteance. Opsun's team had to study all H-Beam details, and create a custom structure matchig each unique beam's height.
A custom flush-mounted array was created to fix OMG Powergrip anchors to the TPO membrane over a steeldeck, creating a solid tilted roof solution that minimizes the number of roof penetrations. This type of flush-mounted racking on sloped metal roof requires a high-level of engineering that is not as simple as a residential tilted roof (wood building).
Each different wall-mount array was fully engineered and put in plans, resulting in detailed, complex plansets that helped the installers understand each unique part of this architectural project.