New SunRail Ultra-Light Mounting System
3 February 2015
3 February 2015,

In its constant pursuit of technology improvement, Opsun’s team of engineers designed a new mounting system based on the Opsun SunRail UltraLite aluminum extrusion profile: the Opsun SUL.

The Opsun SUL, is the result of years of studying and understanding the physics of mounting systems. Designed on aviation-grade software, the Opsun SUL underwent an extensive testing process that assures the absolute best reliability and performance of all its components manufactured by Opsun.

The SUL system uses as little aluminum as possible, while maintaining sufficient strength to resist seamlessly of decades of harsh Canadian weather, including important snow loads and powerful wind loads. With a combined capacity up to 70 lbs/sq ft, the SUL system is fit for use in almost every region and every project in the Americas, including most snowy regions of Canada, or the most windy place on the Atlantic Coast.

With proper brackets placement, the Opsun SUL system can resist hurricanes (up to 165 MPH winds) and heavy snowfalls.

Benefiting from the Clicloc* Technology, the Opsun SUL System offers UL 2703 integrated bonding modules clamps. The new rail profile has a wide channel on its full length to allow for advanced wire management, making it possible to insert many solar modules wires, including the connection clips.

In today’s solar market driven by a demand for lower costs, Opsun’s team of engineers believes that the new SUL will help achieve the lowest cost for structural solar arrays in Canada and in the USA.

See Opsun SunRail UltraLite Specifications Sheet.

See more details about the Opsun SunRail UltraLite.

* Clicloc is a Trademark of FATH USA.

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